Is Your Love Life Like the Polar Vortex?

Posté le 26 janvier, 2022 / dans la catégorie : Conseils

Facebook0Tweet0Pin0LinkedIn0Email0   Are you feeling the Polar Vortex deep freeze? Perhaps that describes more than this freakishly cold weather we’ve been having in the US. Unfortunately it might also refer to the state of  your love life. There are many reasons for a chill in your dating journey. Maybe you: Stopped going out to meet men Haven’t been smiling at the men you see Forgot about your ability to flirt Gave up on singles events and groups Got super busy with the holidays Feel overwhelmed by work Have to put away holiday decorations Haven’t recovered yet from a love gone wrong Still feel the burn of rejection Have already started worrying about your taxes Dread boring conversation with one more man Are tired of disappointment from online dating This list could go on for days right? There are countless reasons why your efforts to find love got derailed and frozen over. According to an AARP study, only 16% of single women between 40 and 70 do anything to change their single status. So you are in very good company! If your love life is not happening, don’t despair. It’s a whole new year out there and you now have a clean slate to build from. That’s why I’ve come up with some super simple tips to help you heat things up in the romance department.Let’s take the chill out of the dating air for you and warm up your options. 5 Tips to Reverse the Polar Vortex and Defrost Your Love Life 1. Imagine Love Is Possible for YouYes! This is an essential first step if your love life has been in the deep freeze. Thaw things out by spending time believing that you can find love. Regardless of the current evidence of love in your life, move ahead to imagine that you really can find love and this is the year you’ll do it! 2. Take a Positive StanceThis is similar to the first step, but I want you to catch yourself when you start complaining about men or your lack of love life. The words you say influence your outlook. So, no more complaining if you can help it. Put a stop to this negativity and turn things around. The more positive you are about yourself, your life and love, the more attractive you are. This builds a positive vibration and your confidence as well. Confidence is very sexy. 3. Start Noticing Men You might be in the position where you don’t even notice men around you nay more. I had a client who insisted that she lived in a totally married area. But, after I encouraged her to do this exercise, she was shocked at how many men she started seeing. She couldn’t believe she had been so blind to them all before! 4. Start Smiling at MenWhat a wild request huh? Smile at men? Unheard of! If you read my blog, you know I talk about this all the time. Why? Because women simply don’t do this simple little thing. Please trust me. This silly little tip will change your life. First of all, you’ll start looking beyond your nose and connect with people around you. You’ll make a lot of men’s days wonderful and that will help you feel good too. And most importantly, by starting this kind of interaction, you’ll make yourself approachable and available to men! You’ll be surprised how many more guys will take a chance at trying to talk to you. That’s what you want – that’s how you meet men! 5. Got Out to Meet Men!Yes, the number one way to meet the love of your life is to meet lots of new men. You have to go out to do this. If you can commit to 3 nights a month, you up your chances to find love significantly. Are you serious about turning up the heat in the romance department? If you said yes, then go out! Try which has tons of singles groups and events. It’s a free site – just enter your zip code and that you are looking for singles events. Try going out to hear live acoustic or jazz music. Men love guitars. Go to an auto show, antique car exhibit, boat show – men love big toys Visit a Barnes & Noble on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon – Find men in the magazine section or near the history books Go  watch Monday night football at a sports bar Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity of something else that attracts men Get online and post a profile That’s just a handful of ideas on how and where to meet men. There are so many more once you get started. Ask the women you meet where they go. Ask the single men you know where they hang out. You deserve to have the love of a good man, romance and a life partner if you want one.  Follow these simple steps and you’ll be meeting men before you know it. Every man you meet brings you one man closer to the right one for you.   More from my site: 10 Heartbreaking Signs He Doesn’t Love You Even If…How Can I Date During The Coronavirus Quarantine?Is Your Self-Sabotaging Behavior Making It Hard To…

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