Dating Coaching: My Clients Find Love or Get Married and Thank Me!

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Facebook0Tweet0Pin0LinkedIn0Email0 My Client Is Getting Married! Ever Considered Dating Coaching? I am so excited! This has been a week of happy clients which warms my heart and makes everything I do so worthwhile. After all, this is why I work as a dating coaching – to help single midlife women find love! So let me share the two emails I got this week with you below so you can see for yourself that my advice does work! And it works well! Love Story #1   “Hi Ronnie, I took your How to Sizzle vs. Fizzle Online workshop last year and found the class to be very practical with a ton of useful advice. I followed your advice (well not to the letter, but close enough). Above all, you gave me the courage to “get out there”. Why am I telling you this? I’m getting married next weekend! Thanks for that little push!”  –Tina Like most women dating after 40, Tina had some reservations about online dating. She was not sure what to say in her profile, what site to try or what to expect. But, she did the smart thing and decided to learn what works with dating today and how to avoid the common pitfalls that cause frustration, disappointment and heartbreak too. Apparently Tina was a very good student! With some help and encouragement, she pushed past her concerns to try my expert dating advice and put her own spin on it. Now she’ll be walking down the aisle as she marries her new love next weekend. I’m so happy for her! Love Story #2 The next email I got was from Patti who is in a new romance. She keeps me posted on how things are going and I love to hear from her. Patti has a level of sophistication, but lives in a rural area which makes it a bit harder to find what she wants. Dating was sometimes challenging to meet enough men, never mind with the intelligence and life experience she was seeking. A widow, Patti had been in a long and loving marriage. But she had been single for some time and was very ready to find love again. We talked about how to stay positive and especially how to use her feminine charm with men. She always made an effort to implement the strategies we discussed. Even though there were dry spots along the way, her perseverance produced a wonderful man who appears to be simply crazy about her. What woman doesn’t want that? Here’s the email Patti sent me this week: “Hi Ronnie, I wanted to let you know that my romance continues to be blissful and passionate…it’s almost 4 months. He is the most wonderful man and our relationship is so great. He is also wildly in love with me, which is so nice:) AND…really…I don’t think the story would have such happy chapters if I hadn’t done coaching and classes with you. What I learned was invaluable. Your influence, especially around femininity and letting the guy drive, is profound. It’s also really fun. Thank you thank you thank you” –Patti So, I’m in my office this afternoon wondering, who will be next to find love? Will it be you? Dating coaching can open your eyes to ways of looking at dating and conducting yourself that you would never come upon on your own. Why do things the hard way so that it could take so much longer? Why expose yourself to potential heartache that you could easily sidestep with some expert advice? The good news is, I’m here for you whenever you are ready. What about this weekend? If you feel like this is really speaking to YOU, then why not give me a call? 203-877-3777 (east coast time). Let’s have a 15-minute conversation and see what you want help with and if I’m the one who can offer what you need.   As always, wishing you love,     More from my site: How Men Think: 3 Things Midlife Men Want in a WomanLove From A Distance Can Be Just As HeartbreakingOnline Dating Tips for Women – Best Dating Sites

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